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A Travel Guide to Mui Ne, Vietnam

Mui Ne is located in South East Vietnam and it’s a real paradise. It’s a small, quaint but touristic town that’s developing fast and I’m sure if we were to go back in a couple of years, it would look completely different. It’s the perfect destination to take a break from the big city of Ho Chi Minh, where we stayed for a whole month. We spent a weekend there with my brother and his girlfriend and we loved it, we were able to fully relax and just enjoy.

Trip to Dak Lak: Story of an Expat in Vietnam

While we are in France, organizing our long-term trip, others are already going along unknown roads, like my “little” brother Ben. Settled in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam for a year (and back to France for a few months for our greater pleasure! Well I shouldn’t say anything, in a few months it will be our turn!), Ben tells us about his trip with friends to the Dak Lak province…