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Long-term travel

How our World Tour Turned into a Travel through Asia

In 2014, we came back from a trip to Jamaica with one goal: tour the world. We would take two years to prepare and organise this adventure and the list of countries we wanted to visit was already endless.

A Guide To Vaccinations For South-East Asia

Now that we have defined our itinerary and budget, it is time to think about a concrete aspect of our trip: vaccinations.

To The Nervous Traveller

I might as well have named this post “to myself”. The truth is I’m nervous and even kind of scared of pretty much everything.

How to Organise Your Next Trip With Pinterest

The advantages of Pinterest are not to be proven anymore. You have access to a lot of information about pretty much anything very quickly and it is just too easy to spend hours on it.

World Tour, Long Trip: Why Hit the Road?

It is set, we are leaving!

For me, the idea of touring the world was… really just an idea: “it would be great but I never will…”. A dream and all the barriers that go with it – no time, no money, too many fears, you can always find an excuse.

Long-Term Travel: Define Your Itinerary and Budget

Organising a long journey implies significant involvement and takes time. It has been about a year and a half since we started to think seriously about this trip and saving up for it. Now, it’s time to buckle down and start planning.