Oahu, Hawaii: Hike to Diamond Head Crater, a Photo Journal

Diamond Head Crater

Oahu, Hawaii: Hike to Diamond Head Crater, a Photo Journal

Diamond Head crater is one of the most famous landmark in Honolulu and is very popular. Although I did have a hard time walking uphill, the hike is not that difficult and is even accessible by children.

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We have to walk a bit to the starting point of the hike. The road is already going uphill and we’re already being rewarded with amazing views of Honolulu with a mix of colours and landscapes – green vegetation, residential areas and the ocean with a glimpse of a beach lined with palm trees.

View on the way to the crater

We finally get to the crater itself and walk under a tunnel, through the crater ridge. There isn’t so many shaded areas along the trail so we enjoy the shade while we can still find some!

Tunnel through the crater's edge

After paying the $1 entrance fee, the real hike begins as we start walking up the opposite ridge. The way up is a dirt path with a security rail. The heat is already giving me a hard time. Along the way, there is a lookout where I’m happy to have a little break and to enjoy the scenery – a beautiful valley with hills and the ocean in the background.

View from the trail

View from the trail

Then there it starts… the least enjoyable part of the hike: the stairs. I don’t do well with heat so it’s getting difficult for me. I realise I’m not as fit as I thought I was and I’m sure Simon is thanking himself for all the hours of hard work out the past few months!

Stairs to the top of the ridge

At the top, I need a moment to recover before being able to enjoy the breathtaking views around us with turquoise waters on one side and the city on the other.

View from Diamond Head crater

Lighthouse viewed from the crater ridge

View of Honolulu

View from Diamond Head Crater



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