Hike to Manoa Falls, Oahu


Hike to Manoa Falls, Oahu

Simon has been having a lot of fun with his camera since we left and today, I would like to put forward some of his pictures.

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During our stay on Oahu, Hawaii we visited the Manoa Falls, a very popular site not to miss in the area of Honolulu. The place attracts a lot of tourists every day but it is worth it. The hike to the falls is fairly easy even if the path can get muddy according to the weather. Here are a few pictures of the walk.

After some adventures with the bus and a long walk to get to the falls area, we treat ourselves with some shave ice, a specialty here in Hawaii. It doesn’t look great but tastes really good, especially when it is hot outside!


shave ice


The path starts directly in a jungle-like forest, the Paradise Park where several scenes of the TV show Lost and of Jurassic Park were shot. It is a complete change of scenery compared to the nearby beaches lined with palm trees. We love all the greenery, which Simon had been waiting to see for a while.

Manoa Falls jungle


We do feel like we are in a film with all this tropical vegetation. The trees are covered with liana and blue flowers.



The path is varied and worth taking your time. We even walk through a natural door, an arch formed by multiple tree branches and roots. Nature does things well!

forest    Natural arch


We then arrive in a pretty bambou forest. The light through the branches and leaves offer a beautifule picture.



Plunged into Jurassic Park decor, we make encounters worthy of the films, like this root “snake” that seems to be coming down from a tree.

tree snake


We finally get to the falls. We are surprised of the small amount of water running down (not enough rain the past few days?) and even if we are not the only tourists there, the setting is beautiful.

Manoa Falls


A short but very nice hike, close enough to Honolulu, that allows to see something else than the beach and guarantees some time in the shades!



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